Foil Stamping, Embossing, Die Cutting... A lost art? Not at Aspacor Packaging. We combine the craftmanship and knowledge of our artisans with the today's technology to produce some of the most stunning foil and embossing effects. Need help or suggestions on ways to dress up your next project? Just ask your sales representative for some great ideas and product solutions.

Wheather you are looking for a foil accent, foil embossing, sculptured die effects or any other special effect, Aspacor Packaging is your source. Give us a call for suggestions or free samples.

Don't stop with foil stamping and embossing. Aspacor Packaging can help you with all of your die cutting requirements. From simple die cuts to the most intricate designs, we can do it all. And, we can provide you with exact prototypes and electronic die lines for your graphic designer. Need to alter a die line or prototype? Not a problem. All die lines and prototypes are produced on a CAD system (computer aided design) making changes easy. Since all design is done electronically, all files are archived for future use.


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